Unfortunately, we do not accept reservations or call-aheads. We work on a first-come, first-serve basis.

No, you do have to be present in person to put your name on our waitlist.

We require your WHOLE party to be present to be seated.

When you enter the restaurant, the host will take your phone number and put you into our waitlist system through Resy. When your table is ready, you will receive a text notification that the table is ready. Please note, you will have 7 MINUTES to return with your party to be seated. If you fail to show up within 7 minutes, your name and party will be removed from the list and our table will be given to the next available party on the waitlist. This helps us to keep the waitlist moving, especially during peak times.

We do not have a waiting area within the building. Parties on the waitlist are recommended to wait outside in front of the restaurant on Carondelet Street.
Can I smoke/vape on the patioPeople and large groups will not be seated at the same time and there is no guarantee that you all will be seated next to each other.

We allow to-go orders until the restaurant starts to get too busy, at which point we will turn off all to-go orders, including in-person to go orders. This changes each day depending on the flow of dine-in customers.

No, the bar is included in the waitlist.

Yes, we allow well-behaved dogs on the patio and require all animals to be on a leash, service animals included. We do require you provide your animals service certificate upon arrival for animals needing to be seated indoors.

Yes! We allow service animals at all times. PLEASE NOTE: We do require you to show your service animal card to the host to allow the service animal to sit inside. Please have this ready upon arrival.

We do NOT allow any outside food or drinks, including cakes, alcohol, etc. We will NOT hold the cake in our refrigerator in accordance with local health codes. In order to ensure our quoted wait times remain accurate and to give all of our guests the best experience, we do NOT allow outside decorations to be setup for celebrations, including balloons, streamers, etc.

We have a 2 HOUR TIME LIMIT on ALL parties.

Our maximum party size that we can seat is 8 people. If parties larger than 8 are split up on the waitlist, there is no guarantee that we will seat the tables together, at the same time, or in the same dining room.